Microsoft's "Falcon" Xbox 360 Is Here. Kind of.

If you're like us, you've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Microsoft's "Falcon" Xbox 360s, well, now they're here. Apparently. The guys over at the Xbox official forums have noticed that the Halo edition 360s may just be the Falcons we've all dreamed about. The Falcon Xbox 360, by the way, has a 65nm CPU and is… » 9/28/07 9:10pm 9/28/07 9:10pm

Google Earth Helps Spot Swastika-Shaped Building

Google Earth is once again changing the world —or, more specifically, they're changing the way swastika-shaped buildings are built. The Navy is spending upwards of $600,000 to modify a 40-year-old barracks that, when viewed by satellite imaging programs like Windows Live and Google Earth, looks like a giant swastika.… » 9/27/07 9:20pm 9/27/07 9:20pm

Wii Strap Protects LCD Screen from Wii-Mote While Taking Your Dignity

If you've ever accidentally killed anyone while playing Wii Tennis, then you'll definitely appreciate the Wii Strap. The not-at-all sexy wrist strap was unveiled by Atlantic's GameKeeper at DigitalLife 2007 and is designed to prevent you from throwing your beloved Wii controller into your beloved LCD screen. The strap… » 9/27/07 8:40pm 9/27/07 8:40pm

Hello Kitty Bluetooth Headphones So Cute They'll Make You Vomit

The world will end with neither a bang nor a whimper, it will end with a pair of Hello Kitty Bluetooth wireless headphones. Sanrio's Hello Kitty earphones, specifically advertised to enhance your music and video gaming experience, will set you back $135 (15,750 Yen). I definitely wouldn't mind a pair of wireless… » 9/27/07 8:15pm 9/27/07 8:15pm

Rainbow Machine Lights Up Room, Sadly Doesn't Include Pot of Gold

Nothing quite lights up a room like the Discovery's Rainbow In My Room &mdash it's also one of the best leprechaun-catching tools available on the market. Using LED lights, the gadget creates a prismatic rainbow arc on your wall or on your ceiling. It uses a motion sensor that turns the rainbow on and off when you're… » 9/25/07 10:50pm 9/25/07 10:50pm

Toilet Tunes Adds Soundtrack To Your Bathroom Activities

If your own, strange bathroom sounds startle and horrify you, Toilet Tunes is like a urine-drenched super-hero, ready to please. The gadget uses a sensor installed in the toilet lid that will play six musical choices when the lid is raised and that will make your trip to the bathroom that much more like a scene from… » 9/25/07 8:20pm 9/25/07 8:20pm

Mygo Cane Guides the Blind, Turns Them Into Potential Superheroes

Sebastian Ritzler, a design student in Germany, has created a feature-laden rolling white cane called the Mygo that will make the blind scoff at us eyesies. The Mygo uses a sensor-camera combo to measure the ground below it and give the user real time feedback via a wireless headset. The cane also ends in a small… » 9/24/07 11:45pm 9/24/07 11:45pm

Toshiba's T400 Player Available Outside of Asia, Outside of Asia…

The Toshiba T400 Gigabeat player is nothing especially new in the Asian markets but its appearance on Sam's Club's website means the player is finally going to be availabe in the States. Generally, the 4 gigabyte player is underwhelming. It can play MP3s, WMAs, WAV files and has video playback for WMV videos that you… » 9/24/07 9:25pm 9/24/07 9:25pm

R2-D2 Peppermill Grinds Its Way Into Your Heart

Nothing quite flavors a meal like the black, peppery-goodness of R2-D2's droppings. The cute little peppermill comes in two colors — or droid models, I should say — the white R2-D2 and the black RD-Q5. The R2 works pretty much how you'd expect, just turn his head and the 11 cm droid will grind to your heart's content.… » 9/24/07 8:40pm 9/24/07 8:40pm

Easy To Make IKEA Charging Station Cleans Up Cables, Lowers Blood…

There's nothing quite like a mass of cluttered cables to cause a stress-related premature death — luckily, the guys over at Instructables have a cheap and easy solution. This involves buying a plastic box and lid from IKEA (it doesn't have to be IKEA, but it's much hipper if it is), buying a drill with a large bit,… » 9/24/07 8:20pm 9/24/07 8:20pm

Interactive 3D Ad Dresses Supermodel For All Of Your Shopping Needs

Japan is fitting up (ha ha!) for a new type of advertisement called "Anne's Fitting Show." According to the guys over at Pink Tentacle, the ad uses a 3D holographic image of Japanese supermodel Anne Watanabe in World's "Untitled" brand clothing and allows stores to customize between 4 different situations that Anne… » 9/20/07 9:45pm 9/20/07 9:45pm

Blaupunkt SD27 Car Receiver Too Hip For CDs

CDs are slowly going the way of the VHS tape and the Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27 car receiver/audio player is just further proof of that. The receiver has no CD player at all—instead, it plays MP3s and WMA files, includes an MMC/SD card reader and has an LED display that'll show all of your ID3 files and folders. » 9/20/07 9:00pm 9/20/07 9:00pm

Tetsuya Nakamura's Bathtub is as Bright and Wild as a Cheetah

I've always wanted my bathtub to look like it's flying through time, and luckily, so does Tetsuya Nakamura. The designer has released a wildly painted bathroom set that includes a pair of sinks, a tub, a step for a stairwell and a decorative column. The units are all made from sculpted fiber-reinforced plastic and… » 9/18/07 9:23pm 9/18/07 9:23pm

Via Epia SN Delivers Unparalleled Speed in Tiny Frame

The Via Epia SN is one of the smallest and definitely one of the fastest motherboards around, and it's guaranteed to give every gamer a triple orgasm. The first model of this type to have a 1.8GHz CPU and a 16x PCIe slot, the Epia SN also has four SATA ports, a CF card connector, dual-LAN network ports, an Ultra DMA… » 9/17/07 10:00pm 9/17/07 10:00pm

Zune Tattoo Guy Gets Third Zune-Related Tattoo

Remember Steven Smith, the Zune tattoo guy? Well, having promised us a third Zune tattoo for a while now, Steven has re-emerged with not only pictures of the new design but also bearing a new, slimmer body. The tattoo is the catchphrase, "Welcome to the social" and is proudly (and apparently painfully) tattooed on the… » 9/17/07 9:50pm 9/17/07 9:50pm